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The company actively integrates various resources based on domestic well-known colleges and universities as well as the advantages of technologies and talents. It has a professional team with technology and experience in relevant fields which will be engaged in water treatment and environmental protection projects in the long-term.
In practice, our teams give full play to their respective advantages in technology and experience, and combine the characteristics of the project (engineering) to systematically put forward reliable, efficient, leading and professional solutions for the construction and technical transformation of urban water supply facilities, construction and upgrading of sewage treatment and recycling facilities, construction and technical transformation of industrial water treatment facilities in different industries and optimization of water environment management and water supply and drainage pipe network system.
In recent years, the company has actively responded to the national industrial policies, started to enter the fields of comprehensive utilization of solid waste and ecological environment restoration, and actively promoted the reduction, reuse, recycling and hazard-free treatment of solid waste based on the economically feasible and environmentally friendlypollution prevention technologies.
The company has successively provided services for projects (engineering) of overseas and domestic water plants, sewage plants, industrial water treatment systems, water supply networks and pumping stations. It has abundant experience in the consulting, planning, design, construction, installation, commissioning, operation and on-site management of water purification and wastewater treatment projects.